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Goddard Gaming Table
mahogany, 27 ½"h, 33 ½"w, 18"d

Radiating the austere elegance that is the hallmark of Newport furniture, this gaming or card table from an original by the Goddard family shop, is a masterful rendering of the form. The apron and top profile is an understated block-front design, and the legs are a tour de force. The front legs have detailed Goddard carving on the knees and the unique two-knuckle digits of the claws grip with powerful open talons. The rear legs, which swing to support the open top, have the same profile but end in crisply defined pad feet on tall tapered pads.

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Newport Pedestal Table
mahogany, 27"h, 30" diameter

A very rare form in Newport furniture: a tip-tip pedestal table with fluted urn-turned column, knee carving, and open talon ball and claw feet. There are only a few original examples of tables similar to this because Newport makers developed rectangular tables to a very high level of refinement. This table has a top that is dished from the solid and knee carvings in the style of the Goddard family shop. The feet are overcut, opening a space between the top of the ball and each digit, and the front talon of each foot is open.

John Townsend Oval Pembroke Table
mahogany, 27"h, 33"d, 37"w (open)

A small oval drop leaf table after the Federal-era original by John Townsend.  Square tapered legs, one curved, cockbeaded drawer, and a crisp molded table edge.  Townsend made these with and without decorative inlay.

similar example: Moses p. 83

John Townsend Hepplewhite Gaming Table
mahogany, holly and ebony inlay, 29"h, 36"w, 18"d

A Hepplewhite design as executed John Townsend.  Mahogany inlaid with shaded holly rosettes, flutes, and pendant bellflowers. The apron panels and legs also have holly string inlays.  Fly legs swing out from the back rail to support the open top. 

This pattern of design and detail was used by Townsend on most of his late Federal-era tables, including dining tables and one known sideboard in a private collection. 

similar example: Moses p. 110

  Newport Dished-Top Candlestand
mahogany, 27"h, 19"dia 

A refined Newport candlestand with a stately tapered column.  The contoured legs show the distinctive, flowing Newport profile and end in gently pointed feet. The circular top has a molded edge and is dished from the solid. This stand exemplifies Newport's penchant for refined elegance even in small pieces. 

  Connecticut Scalloped-Top Candlestand
cherry, 26½"h, 18"w, 18"d 

The scalloped top was a favorite in the Connecticut River Valley and here is combined with a beveled tabletop edge.  The turning features a compact urn profile with a long, delicate, tapered pillar. The legs end in delicate pointed feet. The bold top is balanced by a stable stance to the legs. The shape of the scalloped top is shown below.  

  Massachusetts Hepplewhite Tip-Top Candlestand
cherry, 28"h, 24"w, 16½"d

A delicate Federal-era design with gracefully tapered, curved legs ending in fine spade feet.  The center column has a deeply profiled urn-shaped and tapered pillar and is topped by a light oval tip top. The top tips to the vertical position for storage or display. Made originally in mahogany, but available in figured maple, cherry (shown), or walnut. 


Massachusetts North Shore Tip-Top Candlestand
mahogany, 27"h, 24"w, 16"d

A handsome North Shore design with an urn-turned pedestal, distinctly shaped legs, and an oval top that tips to the upright position.  A diminutive table, but with a high level of sophistication in design and detail.


Sheraton Two-Drawer Stand
figured maple, 28"h, 19"w, 17"d

A delicate stand in the Sheraton style with two drawers. The table stands on four legs turned to a delicate taper. The drawers have beaded surrounds and Sheraton-style knobs. The thin, closely cropped top has a rounded edge. Mortise-and-tenon construction throughout with finely dovetailed drawers. Shown in figured maple but also available in mahogany or cherry.

  Massachusetts Whist Table
mahogany, 27½"h, 26"w, 13½"d

A diminutive gaming table with turreted front corners and cabriole legs ending in pad feet. The table frame has a single central drawer with an early Queen Anne-era pull.  The top opens to reveal a felt playing surface with pockets for counters. A fly leg in the rear supports the open top. May be ordered with any color felt. 

similar example: Sack Vol. IV, p. 1068

  Double Pedestal Dining Table
mahogany, 42" w, 72" l, 29"h

Customers often inquire about the availability of pedestal dining tables. Double pedestal dining tables have several advantages over drop-leaf tables in that they are  expandable with added leaves and there are no legs in the way of seating. This design was taken from an original single-pedestal Newport table. Original pedestal tables can be somewhat shaky, but Jeffrey has applied some engineering talent to this design to make it exceptionally solid, even in large sizes. The tops and pedestals assemble and disassemble quickly and easily, making set-up or moving very easy. These are fully customizable in size, detail, wood, and number of pedestals and leaves. Please inquire about your specific needs.