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Sideboards and Side Tables

Howard Sideboard
mahogany, mahogany crotch, holly inlay, 46"w, 41"h, 22"d  available

A simple and elegant Providence Hepplewhite sideboard design after an original by Thomas Howard (1774-1833). The design employs four drawers and two center doors with cockbeaded edges. The facade features bookmatched mahogany crotch veneer with holly string inlay on the drawer and door fronts and legs. The oval Hepplewhite pulls offer a pleasant contrast with the rectilinear lines.

ref. Monkhouse & Mitchie p. 114

Goddard Marble-Top Side Table
mahogany, 28"h, 50"w, 17"d

Patterned after the Goddard original at the MMA, this side table features fully-carved front legs with intaglio knee carving and bold open-talon and overcut ball and claw feet. The back legs have the familiar pad feet on tapered pads. The front and side aprons have book-matched mahogany overlays with the grain oriented vertically. The marble top sits within the surrounding top molding.

ref. Heckscher, American Furniture in the MMA, p. 159


John Townsend Marble-Top Side Table
mahogany, 28"h, 46½"w, 23"d

A marble-top side table in the manner of John Townsend. The front and side aprons are blocked and serpentine. The front legs have knees carved in the Townsend manner and open-talon ball and claw feet. The back legs are cabriole ending in pad feet. The marble top is shaped to follow the frame profile.

John Townsend Marble-Top Center Table
mahogany, 30"h, 46"w, 24"d

A marble-top center table in the manner of John Townsend that is designed to be seen from all directions. It has blocked and serpentine aprons on all sides and a conforming marble top. All four legs have knees carved in the Townsend pattern, and the ball and claw feet are cut over the ball and have open talons. The marble top is functional and practical, and the material is attractive in contrast with the mahogany.

Hepplewhite Bowfront Sideboard
mahogany, holly inlay, 47½"w, 30½"h, 19"d

A delicately proportioned Federal design sideboard of diminutive size. The front of the piece, including the top, doors and drawer are  bowed. The facade features bookmatched mahogany crotch veneers  with holly string and shaded floral inlay. 


New York Console Table
mahogany, 27"h, 46"w, 22"d

A console or side table in the New York style with a conforming marble top. The frame features serpentine front and side aprons and rounded front leg blocks. The rounded shape is carried down over the front knees and the cabriole legs end in bold New York-style ball and claw feet. The lower edge of the front apron is finished with a radius molding that may also be gadrooned, the rope-like lobed molding used on  many New York pieces.